Are you unhappy with your smile because of protruding, overlapping or crooked teeth? At Dental Healthcare Practice in Horsham, we offer the latest innovative teeth straightening treatments to help get you a perfectly straight smile safely and in the gentlest way possible.

If you are worried about ‘metal train track braces, don’t let that put you off. Our Inman Aligner and Clear Aligner systems are the most discreet teeth straightening devices on the market.

Children and adolescents aren’t the only ones who wear braces. An increasing number of adults are now deciding to straighten their teeth. Want to know more about teeth straightening the easy way? Get in touch with our friendly team now for an appointment.



The Clear Aligner System

It has never been so easy to straighten your teeth comfortably and discreetly. The Clear Aligner System is excellent at straightening overlapping or crooked teeth and closing gaps between teeth without discomfort and in optimum time.

The smile align system is unmatched in its precision. Computer technology lets us show you how the teeth will move and your finished smile in 3D before your treatment begins. We can even accurately predict how long the teeth straightening treatment will take. It means you will know from the outset how long it will take and exactly how your straight-talking smile will look before you decide if you would like to proceed.

There are several different transparent aligner systems, including Clearstep R, Invisalign R, and Smile Align R. These aligner systems correct teeth positions with a series of clear aligners. You usually wear each positioner for approximately two weeks. Little by little, they gently move their teeth into the desired position. Clear aligners are suitable for minor and moderate corrections.

The aligners are very comfortable and don’t impact speech. Importantly, they are removable so that they can be taken out for an important business meeting or a hot date!

If you’re looking for teeth straightening treatments in Horsham or Sussex, our expert teeth straightening dentists can help. Click the ‘book consultation’ button below to get started.

“After one week, I forgot I was even wearing them (clear aligners)”, Patient Testimonial.


Subtle Treatments

Modern dentistry has revolutionised orthodontics, enabling people to improve the health and appearance of their teeth confidently, comfortably and discreetly. The clear, custom-made aligners, such as Invisalign, are invisible and removable, making them the least obtrusive teeth straightening treatment available today.

Come and see us find out how we can help you achieve a smile you are happy with in the most discreet way. Whatever orthodontic treatment you require, we can help.

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Teeth Straightening FAQs


Are teeth straightening treatments safe?

Teeth straightening with one of our expert dentists is a highly safe procedure. We’ll explain everything to you at your first appointment to ensure you are 100% happy before proceeding with the treatment. You will be advised to take extra care brushing your teeth. If you have fixed braces, cleaning specific areas of your teeth is more complicated. With our removable aligners, you can continue your dental hygiene routine as usual.


Will teeth straightening treatment hurt?

The Aligner systems we use are entirely painless. Your aligner may feel slightly unusual initially, but the beauty of the aligner systems is their ability to move teeth gently and safely without causing pain. If you have any discomfort, contact your dentist immediately for advice. Properly fitted aligners should be acceptable to you.


Are teeth straightening treatments expensive?

Advancements in dentistry, such as the Aligner systems, are straightening teeth in record times. With the average treatment time taking just 4-16 weeks, the cost of treatment is relatively less than the lengthy fixed brace treatments of the past.


What are the benefits of the Aligner teeth straightening systems?

The Inman and Clear Aligner systems offer gentle, safe teeth straightening. They work surprisingly quickly and sometimes straighten teeth in as little as four weeks. They are also much more affordable than traditional teeth straightening options.


Why should I get my teeth straightened?

While many people decide to get their teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons, there are also some excellent health reasons to consider correcting your teeth. When left untreated, many minor problems can worsen and contribute to excessive wear on some teeth surfaces. Fixing minor issues is much less costly now than the potentially more severe problems that can occur later. An overbite or misalignment of teeth can cause inefficient chewing, gum stress, and even jaw problems and headaches.


Can all teeth straightening be achieved using the Aligner systems?

Most minor to moderate misaligned or protruding teeth cases can be treated using the Inman Aligner or the Clear Aligner System. However, some more severe cases will require another solution. Fixed braces today are a far cry from the very obvious metal braces of days gone by.

Fixed orthodontic braces today can be made in tooth-coloured materials, making you feel less conscious about achieving the perfect smile. Lingual braces involve the brace appliance placed on the inside of the teeth, making them almost invisible. Self-ligating braces eliminate the need for metal or elastic ties and require less frequent adjustment. There are many options for teeth straightening, and your dentist will determine the best option for you.